Fantastic Amish styled Abstract Patchwork FINISHED QUILT – Masculine look


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This quilt is a large 86″ x 86″ finished quilt. 

It is exceptional in every detail & will be cherished for generations to come.

**** A picture is worth a thousand words  ****

We can create a Custom made quilt for your family’s enjoyment in a few short days from any of the hundreds of quilt tops we offer.

Now please let us introduce ourselves and our family business.  You will quickly understand why our quilts are so unique, and priced well below the price you might expect to pay in the many brick & mortar venues that offer our fine works.

Q# 1058

A sincere thank you to our thousands of past quilt loving clients over these nearly 50 years in business.

With our relatively new entry into the online world ( in 2008) we have continued to grow with your help these past few years. We are anticipating outgrowing our current online venues soon, as we find that when clients see our works in person, they understand the very Unique value our works offer.

There are many wonderful makers of quilts in the market, but few have the experience and depth of resources to offer quilts like we do since we were established in 1967.

Our quilts are very unique in many ways. Our works are not the type of quilts and comforters you will commonly find in the retail marketplace. We view ourselves and our work as Quilt Artist. We choose the very best way to complete each of our works to enhance the look and value each quilt offers. They are all completed in our Missouri Quilting Studios, and any of our quilt tops can be made as a – Custom Made quilt for your family in only a few short days. We are also creating completed quilts in every quality level and price point. Our quilt prices will range from about 149.00 for entry level quality quilts, – to 399.00 for our very nice works of the many designs we offer.  Every price will vary depending on many factors such as size, complexity, beauty, amount of quilting, construction and more. . Our very high end quilts bring over 1,000.00 – 1,990.00. All our works will be loved for their own sake, but as the price increases so does the workmanship & legacy value they offer. You may see a similar quilt in our offerings at a different price level, but the reason will be clear upon close examination of the choices we made in its construction. We can lessen or increase the cost ( and value) of a finished work by adding size, more expensive fabrics and batting, and adding or decreasing the amount of quilting that is stitched into each quilt. Our sincere goal is to provide the best possible value and price for Every item we offer – Everyday.

Our Quilts are also Limited Edition quilts for the most part. Our Top Tier gallery creations are made where there are only a handful of each design made. ( usually less than 10). when they are sold out, they can never be exactly recreated again, as the fabrics will have changed, and the quilting motifs and such will be slightly different. Each quilt is Unique, as the choices of backing fabrics, quilting motifs etc. will change even within the limited edition of the series.

Each of our items is different. ( these are not mass produced quilts) We have made tens of thousands of quilts over the nearly half a century of quilt making we have enjoyed. The price is different for each one and is a carefully considered decision based on # factors ( Materials cost, Labor hours, & Eye appeal.)

Our quilts are unique because they are an investment that will be cherished for generations.

Although our quilts are value based, they can not be compared to a quilt you might find at a large retail establishment. Quilts by their very nature are utilitarian. They are created to be loved, enjoyed, used to decorate, sleep under, and to be passed down to the next generation.

You will pay about double the cost for one of our quilts, compared to a discount store, but you will immediately see a huge difference in quality. We make a few broad categories of quilts currently.

Historical recreations * Hand Applique creations * Patchwork Creations * American Art Comforters * Art Quilts * & Throws, and child’s quilts

If you are however looking for a custom quilt, that will be cherished for a lifetime, please consider our works of love. You will see the difference our decades of experience offers very easily.

Please feel free to contact us anytime for more information on this or any completed quilt we offer.

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