Floral & Black and White Checker Board Baby or Wall FINISHED QUILT


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This is our newest floral hand applique Baby quilt. This is a luxury quilt that will be prized for generations to come.

Their size is an ample 40″ x 48″ to allow for a large heirloom baby quilt.

We have again crafted an updated version of them using Hand Applique techniques in their construction for a higher level of workmanship than any crib quilts we have made before it. .

We also attached a nearly invisible rod hanging sleeve too the back of the quilt so that it can be displayed on the wall very easily if you chose after its use as the crib quilt.

Q – 1939

William & Family
Lancaster County Quilting Creations

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Dimensions 12.0 × 12.0 × 3.0 in
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