Quilting Master H

The Quilting Master H version offers the largest quilting area of any roller frame quilting system on the market today, while reducing the cost of entry into the custom quilting industry. The QM IV H has the ability to upgrade to a Full Frame quilting system when you are ready. ALL of this is Impossible with any other long arm system on the market today.

1. The maximum quilting area between rolls of the roller frames are 113.5 in. x 44 in. The length of the quilt is almost unlimited as the rear roller can accommodate large rolls of finished product. Compare this with a quilting depth of only 24 in. for the largest 30 in. long arm systems when considering the take up rollers requirements.

2. The footprint of the new QM H is only 162 in. wide x 78 in. deep. It can be operated effectively in an area of 16 ft. x 12 ft.

3. The New QM H has the ability to upgrade to a full frame quilting system when you are ready, by replacing the roller frame system with our frame holding system, swapping the side rails, and adding our adjustable full quilt frames & framing tables.

4. The introductory price of the new QM H system is several thousands less than many hobby type long arm systems available today. Our site will list the variations of each although it is always best to speak with your representative for the full details. They will listen to your needs, and recommend the best system for your budget, & long term profitability.