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Quilting Master IV P * Starting at $ 19,990.00

The New Quilting Master IV – P is our leading introductory quilting system. It has been designed from the ground up to be a superior system while keeping the price as low as possible.

Introduced in June of 2016, The Quilting Master IV -P will quickly secured the top spot for all new clients desiring to enter the highly profitable quilting business. This model offers a full 4 axis servo drive system.

Its drive systems have been improved to rack & pinion drive linear rail systems for the smoothest operation. All the computer controls have been integrated within the central bridge of the system, enhancing the elegant look, and ease of operation.

With the Quilting Master IV-P quilts incredibly well and boast a top quilting speed of 1,200 SPM with a reduction of sound & vibration vs hobby type of long arm systems. This allows for the best possible quilting, and enhances the decades long life of this wonderful quilting system.

Although this system looks very similar to our standard QM IV, the framework is built a little lighter, and its controllers have been changed to reduce the cost of the machine. These are shipped standard with 1 adjustable quilting frame, a stand alone bobbin winder, a basic set of over 300 full frame quilting designs, a tool kit, and a simplified framing table.

It is always best to speak with your representative for the full details. They will listen to your needs, and recommend the best system for your budget, & long term profitability.

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